Project Report (pdf)

Semester Project for Embedded System Design @ UT, Fall 2010
  • Methodology, language, and infrastructure to design branch predictors using genetic algorithms.
Project Report (pdf)

Semester Project for Multicore Computing @ UT, Spring 2010
  • DVFS GPM scheme, slows cores based off memory bottleneck % calculated using perf counters.
Project Report (pdf)

Semester Project for Comp Parallelism & Locality @ UT, Fall 2009
  • Accelerated DPLL algorithm using CUDA. Used blocking, work stealing, 2.5x perf over baseline.
Project Report (pdf)

AMD Design Competition-Winning Semester Project for VLSI I @ UMich, Spring 2008
  • 4-way SIMD, Sklansky adder, full custom datapath, clock gating, stream buffer, 7-stage pipeline, GShare.
Semester Project for Back-end Compilers @ UMich, Fall 2007
  • Profile info (stride, frequency, etc) used to insert prefetch instructions, written in C/C++ for Trimaran.
Project Report (pdf)

Semester Project for Computer Architecture @ UMich, Fall 2006
  • Written with synthesizable Verilog, contains ROB, RRAT, RAS, GShare BP, OOO LSQ.
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Spring 2009 EECS373: Design of Microprocessor-based Systems
  • Modified a Power Wheels Barbie Jeep with a Freescale MPC555 microcontroller, steering mechanism, and IR/sonic sensors to support autonomous navigation.